• Academic Triage Before an Academic Autopsy

    The standards era in education which was ushered in with the full force of a tropical hurricane under No Child left Behind (NCLB) has leveraged "accountability" into compliance with the common core, state testing, school "improvement" requirements and the inevitable comparisons of schools and districts across the state. Superintendents have been quite vocal in their dissatisfaction and mistrust of the reliability and validity of state local report cards (LRC).

  • 2016 National Blue Ribbon Schools Announced

    Congratulations to the 329 schools nationwide that have been recognized as "Blue Ribbon Schools" by the U. S Department of Education.

    The recognition was announced recently by U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King. This is one of the most prestigious awards that can be bestowed upon a school and one that is coveted by schools districts and communities across the country. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has recognized over 7,500 schools since its inception in 1982.

  • ESSA Requires Non-Academic Accountability Measures

    The standards era in education has produced a plethora of "accountability measures" enacted by the federal government and state legislatures that have relied heavily, if not exclusively, on standardized test scores. Educators across the country have long yearned for the day when the measure of a school's success would go beyond the simplicity of standardized tests and include a broader and deeper consideration of the qualty of the school experience for every child. New federal legislation has opened the door to make that happen and broaden accountability.