• The Moving Target May Be Moving Again

    The Ohio State Board of Education has been discussing changing new state graduation requirements…that have not gone into effect yet! After a 30 plus year career in education as a teacher, principal and superintendent it seems the educational targets from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) are constantly moving. While it must be said that I respect policy makers for potentially correcting a wrong rather than stubbornly sticking to a mistake, it is not a good look. Protests from superintendents and local school boards from around the state signal a potential “dropout crisis” for the Class of 2018 unless the issue is addressed. Ohio as a state has a graduation rate that has been steadily rising the past several years and is in lock step with the national average at about 82%. Many educators fear that number could drop significantly unless adjustments are made. Moreover, some suburban districts who typically enjoy graduation rates between 96-98% are predicting a drop to 70-75% of their current juniors in some cases.