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Software Answers is the premier provider of web-based classroom and student management solutions for the K-12 education market.  Our ProgressBook education applications are used by more than 750 school districts nationwide, including 75% of Ohio public schools.  ProgressBook solutions are scalable, enabling districts of all sizes to attain an optimum level of technology and functionality with a single solutions provider.  
The entire school community – administrators, support staff, teachers,  parents and students – are served by ProgressBook Suite and depend on its applications to manage and monitor student academic achievement. 
Software Answers, Inc., was founded as a consulting and training company in 1994 by Paul Chaffee and Scott Miller, two consultants with extensive experience implementing processes and automation for corporations and large city school districts.  In 2001, the duo led their team in the transition to developing ProgressBook – Grade Book, the web based application which was soon accepted by many Ohio Information Technology Centers as their preferred electronic grade book to offer their school district customers.  Today, ProgressBook applications are used by over 4 million people – school staff, parents and students – in 9 states across the U.S.   Seventy-five percent of Ohio public schools depend on ProgressBook in their districts.


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