Digital Instruction in and out of the Classroom

VirtualClassroom is a modern e-learning management system (LMS) that makes it easy for districts to implement blended learning and flipped classrooms.

Our LMS provides a streamlined experience for teachers, allowing them to create and manage online activities that engage students and deliver personalized learning.

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Cross-Platform Integration is Key to Usability

Featuring real-time data sharing with Suite solutions, VirtualClassroom is accessed through GradeBook and educational content delivered via ParentAccess. Creating a district-wide digital learning environment has never been easier.

✔ Eliminate separate logins and duplicate work
✔ Common system used by administrators, teachers, students, and parents
✔ Create and share district assessments
✔ Access to student data analytics helps teachers differentiate online instruction


Flexible and Full-Featured

VirtualClassroom includes all of the tools and resources to make learning efficient and effective anytime and anywhere. 

✔ Aligned to standards
✔ Supports multiple mark types and advanced grading methods
✔ Auto scoring, grading, and posting of marks
✔ Cloud storage including Google Drive 
✔ Student Resource for sharing images and videos
✔ Social discussions and private messaging
✔ Online quizzes
✔ Post and monitor classroom discussion topics that students can access 24/7


Create, Collaborate, and Share Content

VirtualClassroom enables teachers to create digital assessments, homework assignments, and discussion activities - on their own or in collaboration with others.

✔ Co-author, collaborate, and share content in real-time
✔ Tie digital content to GradeBook classes
✔ Import multimedia (videos, images, animation, audio) into questions or assignments
✔ Choose from multiple question type options
✔ Add standards to each question or activity
✔ Preview what students see


Monitor Progress and Understanding

Real-time updates and detailed reporting give teachers the data needed to modify instruction and personalize learning.

✔ See overall quiz performance and question-level details to identify student learning gaps or problems with questions
✔ Track results by classroom, student, standards, and performance indicators
✔ Create formative assignments on the fly
✔ See assessments ready for grading (or auto-scored) as students submit them
​✔ Marks post automatically to GradeBook for auto-scored activities


Improve Student Engagement (and Parental Involvement)

Connect with students in an environment designed to promote engagement, responsibility, and real-world skills.

✔ Auto-scoring provides immediate feedback to each answered question
✔ Social media-like discussion activities promote active participation
✔ Responses are auto-saved to prevent lost work
✔ Students access instruction through their ProgressBook portal
✔ Parents can view online assignments, including due dates


Offer Online Courses; Recoup Cyber School Students 

Through a partnership with Jefferson County ESC, VirtualClassroom offers a complete K-12 online education system designed to support distance learning and keep money in the district.

✔ 100+ full-year and semester courses
✔ Curriculum fully aligned to Ohio Academic Content Standards
✔ Provides alternatives to students while maintaining full enrollment in home district
✔ Useful for:

  • Blended learning
  • Homebound or home schooled students
  • Gifted students and enrichment
  • Special needs students on IEPs
  • Dropouts and at-risk students 
  • Summer school students 
  • Credit recovery

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