The One Tool Teachers Can't Live Without 

From tracking attendance and managing lesson plans to calculating grades and generating student report cards, GradeBook is the solution teachers rely on to handle key administrative tasks with ease and efficiency. 

A Better Online Grading Experience

Powerful and easy-to-use, GradeBook allows districts to streamline processes for assessing, monitoring, and reporting student progress. Seamless information sharing makes the difference. For example:

✔ Student data automatically loads and updates in real-time from StudentInformation to GradeBook
✔ Daily teacher activities, such as taking attendance, updates records in Studentinformation and verify data needed for state reporting
✔ Student report card grades are automatically calculated as teachers post grades in GradeBook

Flexible Grading: from Simple to Complex

Get more grading options than you'll find anywhere else. Set your grading scale and GradeBook automatically calculates grades for both traditional and standards-based report cards.

✔ Grades can appear as points, letter grades, percentages, or pluses and minuses
✔ Set up custom grading scales to match the structure used by your school
✔ Accommodates straight averages, weighted averages, and combinations of both
✔ Supports rubrics and other advanced/non-numeric scales

Streamline School-to-Home Communications

Within GradeBook, teachers control what information gets shared with students and parents through ParentAccess. Engage with students, allow them to take an active role in their learning, and keep parents involved so there are never any surprises.

✔ Post grades, homework, assignments, quizzes, and tests to students
✔ Share resources including digital content and Google Drive Documents
✔ Send private messages to parents and students
✔ View what parents and students see
✔ See student and parent login history to monitor activity

More Than Just Online Grading 

GradeBook's Class Dashboard is command central for teachers, giving them instant access to student data and administrative tools. From here, teachers can:

✔ Manage lesson plans and class assignments
✔ Align state standards to instruction and assessments
✔ Take attendance - in homeroom, by period, or both
✔ Create seating charts with student photos
✔ Make discipline referrals

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