Frequently Asked Questions

Software Answers is the author of ProgressBook and does not maintain usernames and passwords.
To obtain a parent or student login, please contact the student’s school main office.
School districts are the organizations that use ProgressBook, manage the software, and control parent and student usernames and passwords.

The best way to get this resolved is to click on the "Forgot your user name or Password" link when you attempt to sign in.  Then follow the on screen instructions.
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The best solution is to contact your child's school. ProgressBook does not maintain account information nor user credentials for parents and students. 

This is a very common question. The best way to understand if grades are being calculated correctly is to contact your school.

Please discuss this with your teacher. There are a number of reasons why the grades do not show up in your account. The most common is that the teacher simply hasn't entered them yet.