Involve Parents. Engage Students.

More than just a web site for viewing student grades, assignments, and other real-time class information, ParentAccess gives parents and students 24/7 access to online instruction, electronic Report Cards, and even the ability to update contact information. 

Involve Parents in their Children's Education

Research tells us that parental involvement is the most accurate predictor of student achievement. That's why ParentAccess was designed for ease of use and includes the features parents need to stay in the loop.

✔ View homework, grades, attendance, missing assignments
✔ Access teacher comments, messages, and contact information
✔ Receive email alerts for low grades and missing assignments
✔ Update student contact data in real time and download school forms provided by the district
✔ Link multiple student accounts for quick, single sign on
✔ One place for parents to find everything they need about their child's educational experience

Motivate Students to Succeed

ParentAccess gives students the kind of information and timely feedback needed to reinforce learning and boost motivation. And now, as the delivery method for online instruction, students rely on it as an extension of the classroom.

✔ See current grades, student averages, and year-to-date grades for each subject
✔ View assigned work and class resource links, including videos, audio, and documents
✔ Access VirtualClassroom assignments, tests, and quizzes and complete them online
✔ Get instant feedback to online activities through autoscoring
✔ View, download and print your current (and previous) report card in PDF format
✔ Submit course requests for new school year
✔ Stay organized using a weekly or monthly planner to view upcoming assignments

A Better Process for School-to-Home Communications

When it comes to providing parents with student progress updates and other classroom information, ParentAccess not only saves time for teachers, it also helps to improve the quality and consistency of communications district wide.

✔ The ability to set permission-levels, control content access, and manage parent/student accounts helps districts ensure data confidentiality
✔ The ParentAccess site is customizable by district to include school calendars, logos, and other options
✔ Student Attendance is displayed live from StudentInformation
✔ Defaults and controls allow teachers to determine what select information is shared with parents directly from GradeBook
✔ Teachers can add comments for the entire class or to individual students and parents

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