The Co-Op Experience at Software Answers

In the Software Answers co-op program, we make students feel like they are truly part of the group. They are included in all company events and gatherings so that they can really understand the culture. Co-ops are given hands-on opportunities to learn about their chosen field, and while they have freedom to work on their own, they’re never left to fend for themselves—they have the chance to learn side by side with the knowledgeable professionals at Software Answers.

The progressive and comprehensive program gives co-ops a full picture of the product life cycle—they gain experience in providing customer technical support, providing quality assurance, and developing actual features in our software. The development of these skills is a pathway for the co-op’s future full-time employment. Several of our students have completed 3 successful co-op rotations and have been offered a full-time position to begin their career at Software Answers.

Before Software Answers, I had no idea what I wanted to do as far as a career. While I was in school for computer programming and database, I got a job with Software Answers being a Quality Assurance Analyst Co-Op which, later lead me to a full-time position within the company. The people I work with are amazing and make getting up early every morning and coming to work enjoyable. Also, knowing that I am working on a product that benefits teachers in helping children grow and succeed is the main reason why I love doing what I’m doing. I feel great knowing that my job—testing the product and solving issues—is helping make our customers’ jobs easier.
Gina O'Connell

Quality Analyst II

My co-op experience at Software Answers really helped me understand how each department works together toward our common goals. I began in Quality Assurance, followed by Customer Support, and then I worked in Development. I was able to find the best fit for me after being given the chance to experience each area of the software process. Now that I’m a full-time developer, my daily work is enhanced by the knowledge I gained during my co-ops. Before I begin writing my code, I put myself in the shoes of our customers. I learned this skill while working through the extensive testing that the QA department does. From working with our customers directly in our Support department, I’m now able to realize what points of the application should be focused on first. My coworkers were always eager to help me work through problems and learn from any challenge. Thanks to all of the opportunities during my co-ops, I was able to grow professionally into the developer that I am today. Software Answers gave me a full-time job when I graduated college and I’ve continued to grow every day since.
Cassie Kowalski

Developer 1