Modifying Schedules in StudentInformation

Did you know . . . ?

In StudentInformation, there are a variety of options and screens for modifying student schedules!
Use the Student Course Section Assignments screen to switch students from one course section to another. Need to schedule elementary students into classes? No problem! Use the Bulk Course Section Assignment screen to add multiple students to course sections based on homeroom, grade level, or other attributes. You can also easily access students by homeroom with theSearch option and add them to class lists for teachers.
Additionally, the Requests & Assignments screen also provides the Batch Scheduler for individual students and can build a student’s schedule.
For more on StudentInformation and other ProgressBook features, check out our collection of helpful YouTube videos by clicking here.

Updated forms in SpecialServices

Recently, the Ohio Department of Education made changes to many of its IEP, ETR, and SP forms. At ProgressBook, we have made it our mission to quickly and accurately update these forms in compliance with ODE.

We've updated our website!

ProgressBook has updated its website, and we’re pretty excited to share it with you.

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