Import state assessment data into StudentInformation

Did you know . . . ?

StudentInformation provides imports for every state assessment as well as several non-state assessments.

Not only is each import custom to the vendor file specifications, but you can also rest easy knowing they are up to date with any and all vendor changes. A comprehensive checklist is available that describes each assessment, whether an import is available, and the type of file format required for import (.csv, .txt., etc.). You can also view all of the values that were imported on each Assessment Maintenance screen as soon as the import process is complete.

The Assessment Import History screen provides your district with an audit trail for any imported records. The Import Management screen lets you correct any unmatched student records in the file as well as identify errors that occurred during the import process. Additionally, assessment scores are included in the appropriate EMIS transfers automatically!

Want to know more? Click here for a short video on the vendor import process.

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