Remote Service Centers




Our remote service centers are the central nervous system of ProgressBook operations. As we supply the product, we depend on you to deliver vital information to all of our end users. We understand that in order to keep this organism running in tip-top shape, a healthy balance of communication, support, and reliability must be maintained.

With resources such as our fast and dependable one-on-one support, release notes, knowledge base articles, blog posts, and more, we strive to keep our mutual channels of communication open to ensure a successful transfer of information to all of our customers and end users.

Building on technology investments is a high priority for K-12 school districts. VendorLink enables districts to leverage current software investments and select solutions that best meet their unique operating needs.

The VendorLink API provides efficient and secure integration between the ProgressBook Suite and third-party software. VendorLink authenticates outside software for access to ProgressBook data, and then authorizes access to specified data as approved by school administration. Third-party software providers have the ability to read information in the ProgressBook Suite in order to pull data to their applications. In order to update information, a vendor needs to participate in the Certified Integration Program.