Student Data That Works For Everyone

ProgressBook’s student data management solution is the hub of the platform, seamlessly collecting and connecting data so that everyone has access to the information they need. StudentInformation offers a full range of capabilities and secure integration with third-party software, making it a great choice for school systems of all sizes.

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Feature-Rich Functionality

State Reporting
Student Registration
Student Scheduling
Master Scheduler

Attendance Tracking
Medical Management
Online Report Cards
Graduation Points
National, State & Local Assessment Data
Historical Data

Role-Based Security
Report Writer
API for 3rd-Party Integration
Demographics & Subgroups
Course Assignments & Requests
Permission-Based Mobile App
Certified Integration Partner Program

Seamless Data Sharing

Data captured in StudentInformation and other ProgressBook applications is entered once and shared live throughout the suite. There’s no duplicate data entry, no daily uploads, and no data inconsistencies across solutions or buildings. For example:

✔ Contact data updated in the parent portal is immediately accessible to users district wide
✔ Teachers see current data for all of their students when working in other applications
✔ Updated StudentInformation data is available in real time for ad hoc reporting

Superior State Reporting

No other SIS offers more comprehensive, up-to-date, and streamlined state reporting.

✔ Requisite data is collected and validated behind the scenes as part of daily record-keeping
✔ Streamlined process eliminates the need for dedicated staff at most districts
✔ Ongoing enhancements address changing state requirements to ensure up-to-date reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting

Meet the unique reporting requirements at your district with our built-in ad hoc reporting tool. Security roles define who can create, edit, and access reports.

✔ Create predefined or on-the-fly reports easily with our Report Wizard
✔ Run reports on a recurring schedule and automatically send to others via email
✔ Save and download reports into multiple formats: HTML, Excel, PDF, and more


Complex master schedules are no match for our scheduling tool that utilizes algorithms, customizable rules, and parameters to deliver an overall success rate of 95% or better.

✔ Accommodates traditional period schedules, block schedules, semester plans, and combinations
✔ Use previous year’s schedule and what-if scenarios to schedule quickly and effectively
✔ Allows course requests from students and parents
✔ Visually displays schedule by teacher, student, and classroom

Report Cards

Generate standards-based or traditional report cards, in electronic or print formats, customized to your district’s exact needs.

✔ Store and deliver report cards electronically to save money, time, and resources
✔ Customize report cards and transcripts—by format, design, grading criteria, and more!
✔ Report card data updates automatically as teachers post grades in GradeBook

Mobile App

Away from their desk or on the go, administrators can access essential student data from any phone, tablet, or mobile device.

✔ View a student’s grades, schedule, contact information, and attendance history
✔ Call/email contacts from your phone/tablet
✔ User access conforms to the same security and permission protocols as StudentInformation
✔ Available for both iOS and Android

What our customers are saying...

"Student demographics are right in front of staff, scheduling works really well, assessments are managed nicely, and it's incredibly easy and fast to track and look up student data by last name, phone number or ID."
Diane Cavanagh, SIS Coordinator, Brecksville-Broadview Hts. City Schools
"Everything is tightly integrated together, all the different modules work together; ProgressBook ties the whole school experience together and you can really see how a student is doing from quarter to quarter and throughout the year."
Jennifer Dietrich, Teacher
"The ProgressBook suite continues to evolve as our needs change. It's adaptable and versatile. It's nice to have a SIS that works so well with other programs."
Nate Artino, Principal, Bellevue City Schools