Parents and Students

With ProgressBook, you can do more than just check up on your child’s grades. You can view their online instruction and electronic report cards, update your contact information, and link multiple student accounts together for a quick, single sign-on. Need to contact your child’s teacher or set up an email alert? You can do it all with 24/7 access to the information you need.

As a student, enjoy the ease of accessing and completing your online assignments, checking your grades, and receiving immediate feedback from your teacher.

Do you have a student using ProgressBook and need assistance? Help can be found on our Parent and Student Resources page.

Involve Parents.
Engage Students.

More than just a website for viewing student grades, assignments, and other real-time class information, ParentAccess gives parents and students 24/7 access to online instruction, electronic report cards, and even the ability to update contact information.

What our customers are saying…

“The parent access module is an administrator’s dream by granting teachers, students and parents access to grades, attendance and schedule information. It drastically cuts down miscommunication and confusion on all sides while the user friendly interface makes it simple to use.”
Paula Eby, Software Specialist, Miami Valley Career Technology Center
“It’s important to view ProgressBook together with my sons, so we can address anything that is late, missing, or a grade that is not what they anticipated. Having the data to work with eliminates excuses, and helps us get to the heart of what needs to get done!”
Lynda Sax, Parent, Shaker Heights City Schools
“ProgressBook has been a great help in keeping my son organized and it has given him a more active role in keeping track of his own grades.”
“I love that I am able to closely monitor my daughter’s grades and am not surprised at the end of the grading period. I also love receiving notice when a grade is below my expectation or if there is an assignment missing.”
Andrea Fort, Parent, Orange County Public Schools
“ProgressBook ParentAccess is awesome! Both of my children check it daily to see how they are doing in their classes. I am able to hold them accountable for their school work much more easily than before ProgressBook. I couldn’t imagine being without it now!”
“What I like the most about ProgressBook is that I can check my grades on a regular basis. By checking them, I don’t have to worry about what I miss in class.”
Student, Grant Career Center
“I love logging on to ProgressBook and seeing how good my grades are right now.”
“DataMap has given us the ability to streamline our RTI/IAT process, making our meetings more focused and meaningful. We are hoping that the collection of data provides a repository for vertical articulation from year to year. The hope is that each child can be met where they are and taken where they need to go from the first day of school. With knowing what interventions help each student on the first day of school, the teacher and the students can hit the ground running!”
Kathleen A. Verhest, Director of Technology at Brunswick City Schools