Why should my ITC come to Hosting?

  • Consistent – All hosted ITCs are in a consistent environment. All servers have been cloned from template virtual machines that contain the ProgressBook Suite.
  • Standard – The non-hosted ITC’s each have an environment that is unique. In the hosted environment, every environment is the same and we use the hosted environment as the “Gold Standard” for our QA testing.  This makes upgrades much less problematic.
  • Scalable – The hosted environment is able to add memory, CPUs, and disk dynamically.
  • Reliability – Being consistent and standard increases reliability, speeds up troubleshooting time, and enables the system to be moved from one set of hardware to another without downtime.
  • Repeatable Environment – The design and tools used in the hosted environment make it much easier to bring up a test environment, training environment, and/or duplicate a production environment.
  • Cost – The ITC does not have to maintain hardware and software for the ProgressBook Suite.
  • Staffing – The hosted solution removes the upgrades and maintenance of the ProgressBook Suite from the ITC staff allowing them more time to focus on their customers.
  • System/Application Monitoring – We have a dedicated team that monitors and maintains the environments, both at a server level and a datacenter level.
  • Automation – The hosted solution has several automated processes that make upgrades and daily tasks much faster, with less downtime and a better user experience.


Current Hosted Customers:

  • TCCSA – Joined Hosting, Summer 2015
  • NEONET – Joined Hosting, Winter 2015
  • NCOCC – Joined Hosting, Summer 2016
  • WOCO – Joined Hosting, Winter 2016
  • META – Joined Hosting, Winter 2016
  • NOECA – Joined Hosting, Summer 2017
  • LACA – Joined Hosting, Spring 2018
  • OMERESA – Joined Hosting, Summer 2018