Human Resources & Administration

The members of HR/Admin Team at Software Answers do everything in their power to make—and keep—the employees happy. They know it’s important to be inclusive of everyone, whether through company activities or just listening to all of the employees’ thoughts and concerns…

For instance, the HR/Admin team heard of the employees’ discomfort with their not-so-ergonomic chairs and recently purchased comfy new chairs for every employee who needed them. The team is also awesome at providing tasty food in the breakroom and at company gatherings—they know all the best places to eat in the area! And, of course, the team has a wealth of knowledge of company medical and 401(k) plans as well as where to locate learning resources to help every individual grow to their fullest potential. In addition to helping coworkers, they also help our visitors feel comfortable in our office and show our customers the determined and friendly culture of Software Answers. The flexibility the team has in adjusting to frequently changing situations becomes even more impressive when you realize that no matter the circumstances, they do everything with a smile.

HR Team